Many people would probably be happy in the sole knowledge that they wrote a Mario-themed opera for their grad school thesis, but it wasn’t quite enough for musician Jonathan Mann. He wanted to bring it to the stage, and made his dream come true with a show in New York City.

Along with Princess Peach, Bowser, a Toad chorus and a Koopa Troopa on sax, Mann as Mario sings out about the classic hero receiving an epiphany: he sure saves Peach an awful lot. According to Mann, it’s quite a blow to the plumber’s spirit:

[H]e slowly comes to realize that he’s actually been through this princess-saving experience thousands and thousands and thousands of times before. Every single time anyone anywhere has played a Mario game, he has been through this experience, and that realization sort of leads him to have this sort of existential crisis, and essentially really bums him out and he decides to sort of give up.

Hopefully it doesn’t end there. This isn’t the first adaptation of Mario to another form of entertainment, of course, but it’s fun to see someone so dedicated to their project.

What other games would you like to see a stage production from? Feel free to let us know.