Collect materials and create vehicles

Sonic Lost World will exclusively come to Wii U and 3DS on 22nd October, much to the delight of Sonic fans everywhere. The newest platformer in the series sees the blue blur running along walls and through loops in what could be described as SEGA's take on Super Mario Galaxy. Also returning for this entry are the Wisp power-ups which first appeared in Sonic Colors on Wii. During today's Nintendo Direct, some details were shared regarding how the Wii U and 3DS versions will interact with each other.

In the 3DS version of Lost World, the player can customise remote control vehicles with Tails' technical prowess, which can be sent over to the Wii U version where they can be controlled by a second player to aid Sonic with some co-op action. The RC helicopter in the video was only shown collecting rings, but perhaps the helpful vehicles have other uses that haven't been shown yet.

How do you think Sonic Lost World is shaping up? Has this connectivity feature convinced you to purchase both versions? Sound off in the comments.