Splinter Cell Blacklist

Splinter Cell Blacklist is now just one month away from performing a stealth kill on the Wii U launch library, one of a decent number of Ubisoft multi-platform titles coming to the system. This one also promises to make use of the GamePad in interesting ways, which seems perfect for a sneaky killer packing a lot of cool gadgets.

In recent months we've seen these GamePad controls in action and had a glimpse of the co-op gameplay, both in flashy videos. Now it's the turn of the storyline, with a new video showing a terrorist organisation making threats, things blowing up and Sam Fisher mercilessly sneaking up on enemies and taking them down; there's epic orchestrated music, too.

This may be one worth considering when it arrives. Will you be checking this out from the shadows and picking it up when it hits stores in August?