While you may think you're getting hyped for Pokémon X & Y's arrival in October, you'll have to go some to show the level of excitement evident on Japanese TV show Pokémon Smash. Often the source — along with Coro Coro magazine — of early looks and exclusive reveals, the weekend's show brought more fresh footage of October's big arrival.

For one thing, we see a lot of the new Steel / Ghost type Honedge, while the demo below takes in a beach area which confirms fishing for this entry, and there's also a brief glimpse of surfing. Water starter Froakie is also shown in action, while Octillery and Inkay do battle with our intrepid Smash demo enthusiasts.

This footage gives a nice taste of the visual style of X & Y, while the excitement of those in the studio is great to see. If you can scream and make as much noise as these gamers without cameras pointing at you, then you must be a big Pokémon fan.

[source serebii.net]