Pikmin 3 Screen2

Pikmin 3 is just days away in Europe, while North America doesn't have too long to wait before its long awaiting arrival on the Wii U. As you may have read in our Pikmin 3 review we were very impressed, sharing our view that it's "beautifully crafted and filled to the brim with exciting gameplay features".

With a title that offers such excellent gameplay — we reckon the main single player campaign will last between 8-16 hours depending on your approach — it's only common to want more of a good thing. It's been picked up on NeoGaf that more could be on the way as DLC, with Shigeru Miyamoto supposedly saying the following to Shigesato Itoi about plans for the game.

So, using the internet [the team] thinks it'd like to add new missions and maps to the game little by little.

This appears to be a first hint at DLC for this title, which isn't surprising considering the co-op features that incorporate specific missions and tasks. Nintendo has already dabbled with DLC on the Wii U, of course, in the form of New Super Luigi U, while the 3DS has seen plenty of additional free and paid-DLC in various releases.

It seems premature to think about DLC before the game's arrived — though that doesn't stop plenty of publishers — but what do you think of this prospect? Would you like paid-DLC in the future for Pikmin 3, do you only want free DLC, or is this extra content malarkey against your principles? Sound off in the comments below.

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