Devil Survivor 2 is coming to the 3DS in Japan

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 was released in the US well over a year ago now and poor old Europe has yet to have the game grace its presence.

It appears that day may not be too far off, as UK-based publisher Ghostlight has devised a scheme to finally bring the DS game to European shores.

Essentially, it's playing it very safe and will only release Devil Survivor 2 if it is commercially viable. The best way to do this is to distribute the title exclusively through its online store to those who pre-order it beforehand. That way it knows just how many need to be sent out and the costs will all be covered.

Ghostlight set the conditions on its blog, confirming there will be a minimum threshold of pre-orders that will need to be reached within a month in order for Devil Survivor 2 to be manufactured. Should it fail to obtain the interest the game will fade away once more. Interestingly, as a special little thank you, the publisher will add your name to the manual should you pre-order.

We realise that we’re asking for a huge amount of trust and support from our fans on this one, but we know that you are a very special lot and you all seem to fully appreciate what we’re trying to achieve in bringing over JRPGs like DS2. We simply couldn’t do what we’re doing without you and with your continued support for the Ghostlight cause we’re hoping we can give DS2 its best shot at getting a European release.

Ghostlight recently launched Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked in Europe but it didn't go totally to plan. The popular RPG had game-breaking bugs within it but thankfully they have now been fixed and it's now fully playable.

There is a chance that the 3DS remake of Devil Survivor 2 - which is to be released in Japan - will emerge in the West, but Ghostlight believes there is some value in releasing the DS version now:

I know some of you have said you’d rather wait for a potential release of the new 3DS remake, which is fair enough, but for anyone who’s sitting on the fence I must say that I’ve really enjoyed Devil Survivor 2 and think that it would be the perfect game for any of you looking for your SRPG fix after finishing Fire Emblem and Devil Survivor Overclocked.

More will be revealed on how you can pre-order next week.

Would you pre-order this given the chance, Europe? Let us know in the comment section below.