Watch Dogs Screen2

Watch_Dogs is arguably Ubisoft's biggest game of the year, as it's a new IP that also has the potential to be a technical marvel; it certainly turned heads when it made its debut at E3 2012. It's coming to the Wii U, too, which is possibly the best news of all.

Ubisoft has been producing various videos to hype the title, but the latest gives a glimpse of MoCap (motion capture) being put together. We can see the impressively agile main man putting game character Aiden through his paces, with some smooth jumps, rolls and combat sequences. One of the talking heads also shares his pleasure at the fact they're capturing the ability for Aiden to put his hands in his pockets, which is impressive... we guess.

In any case, the video is below and provides some decent Sunday entertainment for a couple of minutes. The more we see of Watch_Dogs, meanwhile, the more interested we become.