Ubisoft's upcoming title Watch_Dogs sees you take control of Aiden Pearce as he wanders around the streets of Chicago, hacking into all kinds of devices and connecting with a plethora of electronics.

It seems that this connectivity is something Ubisoft wants to build more on as the company has revealed in a YouTube video players will be able to enter the gaming environment using their smartphones.

The development video was in fact centred around the PlayStation 4 version of the game, so it's unclear whether or not this aspect of the game will be available in the Wii U edition.

Senior producer Dominic Guay said Watch_Dogs is connected "in many ways":

We wanted the player to be able to connect to Watch_Dogs even through his mobile. To be able to play directly with people who are on their console, who are on their PlayStation 4, even if he's on the bus. Basically being able to be attached to our game world even when he steps out of the living room.

Guay also said the developer has designed the game so the player can go into multiplayer from single player seamlessly, without the need to go through a lobby.

You can check out the entire developer interview below from GamesHQMedia.

Watch_Dogs will launch in North America on 19th November, in Europe on 21st November and in the UK on 22nd November.

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