Learning is fun!

People with online gaming skills are set to triumph over the coming years when it comes to making money and living successfully, according to new research.

The lives of young people are increasingly becoming shaped by their online presence and gaming skills along with the ability to ‘play' with online personal data when dealing with organisations will enable them to prosper.

The report by The Future Laboratory on behalf of Confused.com claims that skilled online gamers in the UK will be able to turn this knowledge into real financial power over the next decade. The study found over half of people (57%) said they would be prepared to share more personal data, tastes and preferences in return for bespoke financial services, products or promotions.

Many companies harvest data from the digital world about consumers and it appears gamers are more likely to be happy with this - so long as they're getting a good deal out of it.

The study notes that the techniques and strategies learnt in the online gaming environment are starting to be transferred to the real world - see, all those hours have been worth it!

Matt Lloyd of Confused.com said gamers "have already taken control of their online personal data and begun making deals with their data to save money - or to make more cash".

The survey also found that more than half of people in the UK (57%) would be more likely to keep their streets clean if an element of online competition was introduced. Perhaps local councils will set up some online leaderboards for us all?

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