Bertil Hörberg is the one man development studio behind Gunman Clive, the budget action platformer with plenty of allusions to the Mega Man franchise, among others. That title has proven to be a notable success story, with the 3DS eShop version surpassing the sales of the iOS and Android versions combined. That success has encouraged Hörberg to focus on the 3DS for future titles, telling us in an interview that he's "always felt much more at home with dedicated gaming platforms".

Ahead of the Japanese eShop release of Gunman Clive — which is being published by Circle Entertainment — Hörberg has taken the chance to speak with Siliconera about a variety of subjects, most notably what's coming next. If Gunman Clive could readily be linked to the Blue Bomber, the one man studio's next project aims to bear similarities to one of the biggest of Nintendo's franchises.

It’s still very early in development and a lot of the design isn’t finalized, but it’s very heavily inspired by the early Zelda games; it uses a topdown perspective with 3D graphics and it’s for the 3DS. The artstyle is fairly different from the new Zelda but has some influences from [A Link to the Past] as well, so yes I think comparisons will certainly be made [to A Link to the Past 2].

I think most players realize that my resources are rather more limited though and I wouldn’t presume to be in direct competition with Nintendo. I just hope people will be up for a bit more old-school action adventure gameplay regardless.

While reassuringly modest about the comparison, we have optimism based on his previous effort that the developer will capture the basic essence of the genre. Time will tell, of course.

What do you make of this ambition for Hörberg's next project, and are you in the Gunman Clive fan club? Sound off in the comments, as always.