At least one of them is giving the thumbs up

We reported last week that Shadow of the Eternals - the "spiritual successor" to GameCube spook-'em-up title Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem - would make its way to the Wii U next year should its crowdfunding campaign prove to be a success.

We know developer Precursor Games and Nintendo are in constant contact regarding the game, but what about its predecesor?

When asked by a fan on the Shadow of the Eternals Facebook page about the possibility of a Virtual Console release for the GameCube classic during discussions with Nintendo, the reply was quite positive.

Q: Is there any chance that while in talks with Nintendo you can bring up a possible re-release of the GameCube's Eternal Darkness as a Virtual Console release? It would allow hype to build on the game and allow people who had not played before to get into the series!

A: We will definitely discuss that. Thanks for the suggestion!

It's only a suggestion at the moment, and Nintendo hasn't yet confirmed that GameCube titles will be hitting the Wii U Virtual Console. We'd love to read what you think of the idea in the comments below, though it's worth noting that the crowdfunding project is struggling to date; at the time of writing it's raised less than $150,000 of a $1.5 million target, with just 25 days remaining.

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