A sequel in all but name?

Following the announcement of Eternal Darkness "spiritual successor" Shadow of the Eternals, many fans expressed concern regarding the game's link to the Silicon Knights' GameCube classic. If this was a true sequel — as the involvement of Denis Dyack would suggest — then why not call it Eternal Darkness 2? Some have even speculated that developer Precursor hasn't had permission from Nintendo to use the Eternal Darkness name.

However, Precursor has posted the following statement on its website:

We have been in constant communication with Nintendo, and they have been very supportive of our endeavour to bring this game to their platform.

While that's certainly not a confirmation that Nintendo is fully behind this title using the Eternal Darkness moniker, it does at least prove that the company is supportive of the venture. Perhaps we'll see a name change to Shadow of the Eternals: Eternal Darkness 2 at some point?

[source gonintendo.com]