Chasing Aurora flew into the Wii U eShop on the same day the console launched and many gamers have since been enjoying the fast paced flight-fest.

It was recently announced the title would be getting a permanent price reduction in Europe - it's now £5.89/ €6.49 when it used to be £10.79/ €11.99 - and North America was left wondering if it too would get the same treatment.

Well, worry not as it has now been confirmed Chasing Aurora will be $7.99 in the North American Wii U eShop - reduced from $14.00.

The game will now stay at that price forever - well, it won't go up at least - and there's even a free demo available for those who want to give it a quick go first before they part with their cash.

What are your thoughts on this price reduction? Will it tempt you into downloading it? Let us know by leaving a comment.