Dkcr3 D

We recently touched upon a product listing for Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D on the Nintendo UK website, which revealed some new elements for the 3DS port, including an easy mode and new items.

These features were confirmed during today's 3DS-focused Nintendo Direct, where Satoru Iwata called the game a "perfect fit" for the handheld.

The game has been adapted to be more suitable for gamers who play in smaller bursts. Iwata said it was designed on Wii for people who played in longer stretches and the developer felt a change was needed for the 3DS version.

For this reason a new mode has been created, which gives the player an additional heart, allowing you to take another hit. Diddy Kong also has an extra heart as well, meaning you can get hit five times instead of three.

More items have also been added to make things a little easier including portable DK barrels to bring back young Diddy Kong should you lose him and some green balloons, which can be used to stop you from falling down those oh-so-pesky bottomless pits.

There's also a Crash Guard item, which allows you to take a couple of hits without plummeting to your doom when riding the rocket barrel or mine cart. We're assuming all these items will be available to buy from Cranky's shack.

Naturally, this makes things a whole lot easier, but it's just an optional mode so purists will still get the same experience they found on the Wii version. Donkey Kong Country Returns was a very challenging game, so it's good that this new mode is included so new players can ease themselves in.

The 3DS version also features 8 brand new exclusive levels for those who complete the game - which is not too shabby.

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D will be available to purchase from 24th May in North America and Europe.

What are your thoughts on the new mode and additions? Let us know in the comments section.