Crimson Shroud Banner

European Nintendo Download fans will have seen, in this morning's update, that the three localised Guild01 titles are set for a discount this week, which we optimistically hope is a precursor to confirmation of the Guild02 titles being brought West. The good news is that Level-5 has now confirmed the same deal starting in this week's North American download update, from 18th April.

Check out the prices and details below:

Liberation Maiden — $4.99 from 18th April until 30th May, normally $7.99

Crimson Shroud — $4.99 from 18th April until 30th May, normally $7.99

Aero Porter — $2.99 from 18th April until 30th May, normally $4.99

These caused a fair bit of hype when released last year, but are any of you fence-sitters planning to download these now that they're getting a temporary discount? Let us know in the poll and comments below.

Which Guild01 titles will you be downloading at a discount? (140 votes)

  1. Liberation Maiden31%
  2. Crimson Shroud16%
  3. Aero Porter9%
  4. I've already got the ones I want24%
  5. I plan to download them all16%
  6. I won't download any of them5%

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