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Kickstarter is rapidly becoming the go-to place when it comes to genuinely exciting game development; we've already seen the success story that is Shovel Knight, and there are other interesting examples — such as Buddy & Me and Delver's Drop — waiting in the wings.

You can now add Discord Games' Chasm to that list, too. This pixel-rich 2D "Metroidvania" style adventure is currently in development for PC, Mac and Linux, but there's hope that it could come to other platforms, too.

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We got in touch with Producer James Petruzzi, and he was cautiously optimistic about the chances of this gorgeous-looking title hitting either the Wii U or 3DS eShops:

We've definitely been considering Nintendo platforms — they seem like a good home for Chasm. The difficulty more lies in getting the game ported, we'd have to hire someone that knows the platforms obviously. We're still very early in development, so estimating those costs right now is near impossible.

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Chasm's target is a lofty $150,000, but it has already raised a third of that total and still has 26 days remaining, so things are looking good. Hopefully it will achieve its goal and that will enable Discord Games to produce other ports. Can you imagine playing this on your 3DS or Wii U?