The cries for a Wii U price cut seem to have caused a reaction, as both Amazon.co.uk and UK superstore Asda have knocked £50 off the price of both Wii U bundles.

Asda — which is owned by US store Walmart — was the first to move, cutting the price of the Basic and Premium bundles down to £199 and £249 respectively. Amazon's UK arm matched the price shortly afterwards.

The move comes after other UK-based retailers — such as ShopTo and Zavvi — had previously cut prices, but on a temporary basis.

Although Nintendo doesn't stipulate retail prices in the UK, the guideline figures are £250 for the Basic and £300 for the Premium system. The company has so far remained tight-lipped about a possible price reduction in order to boost flagging sales. In the absence of action on Nintendo's part, it would appear that retailers are taking matters into their own hands to stimulate growth.

If you're in the UK, will this price drop influence your decision to pick up a Wii U console? If you already have one, do you now wish that you'd waited? Post a comment to share your opinion.

[source eurogamer.net]