Phil Fish caused a bit of a stir over the weekend when he took to Twitter to say he felt Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was more suited to the PlayStation Vita than the trusty 3DS.

One game that has never made it to a Nintendo console is Fish's biggest creation, Fez. We here at Nintendo Life decided to find out how many of you would like to see it made available on the Wii U or 3DS eShop by sending out a tweet calling for Dan Adelman, Phil Fish and Nicalis to get talking.

Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis decided to reply to our little tweet to let us know he'd rather work on a Nintendo version of Monaco: What's Yours is Mine or Spelunky than Fez.

This is certainly an interesting development and we'd be very pleased if either managed to emerge on the Wii U or 3DS eShop. Monaco: What's Yours is Mine is due to be released on PC and Xbox 360 in April, while Spelunky has been on the Xbox 360 since July last year - it's down for a PlayStation 3 and Vita release this Summer.

Would you like to see Monaco: What's Yours is Mine or Spelunky come to the Nintendo eShop? What about Fez? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.