Retro City Rampage Banner

Out today in North America and Europe, Retro City Rampage is, as the title suggests, a WiiWare release that aims to remind us of gaming's older days. Inspired by the original GTA, it includes a host of jokes, references and areas designed to bring to mind pop culture of the '80s and '90s.

Also included with the WiiWare release is ROM City Rampage, available in the Arcade area; it represents a version of the game that would actually run on the NES. For those with an interest in the retro system and the kind of processes that developers may have used when creating iconic games, Vblank Entertainment has produced a ten minute documentary that explains the specifications of Nintendo's first home console, and how this extra was developed.

If you want an insight into the limitations in pixel density, or why NES games "flicker", the video below is well worth your time.