Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Screen

With Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate around the corner on both Wii U and 3DS, it promises to bring an expanded version of the Wii original to a new audience, as well as enthusiastic veteran hunters. It's also a game that has an active community and fan-base, many of whom frequent the dedicated boards over at Capcom Unity.

In what seems like a victory for that community, Capcom has today announced that it's bringing an April update to the Wii U version of the title to add two oft-requested features: you'll be able to enjoy off-TV play on the GamePad screen, and the online multiplayer lobbies will be opened up so that North American and European gamers can go on the hunt together. The GamePad-only play will be welcome to those who'll have difficulty reserving the TV for hours on end, while cross-region online is sure to bolster the four-player hunts. In addition, Capcom will provide free downloadable quests for "several months", with the first being available at launch.

These extra details add to what is likely to be a hefty amount of content. Let us know what you think of this update and the goodies it'll bring.