Yesterday we were sad to report that Bungie's promising online sci-fi epic Destiny wasn't looking likely for a Wii U release. The guys behind the game revealed that although the final platforms haven't yet been 100% decided, PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game were almost certain — and there's a good chance it could come to PCs, too. The Wii U wasn't mentioned.

However, it would appear that Bungie and publisher Activision are keeping their options open. The game's preorder page contains the following information in its source code:

pc: "platform-pc",
ps3: "platform-ps3",
ps4: "platform-ps4",
xbox: "platform-xbox",
xbox720: "platform-xbox720",
wiiu: "platform-wiiu",
psvista: "platform-psvita"

While this is obviously a long way from being an official confirmation — those formats could merely be place-holders — it's encouraging to at least see the Wii U getting listed. Bungie has big ideas for this game and seems to be focusing on console players first and foremost, so who knows?

Perhaps Nintendo fans will get to take part in the next great title from the former Halo studio after all.

[source gonintendo.com, via gamnesia.com]