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Death Inc. is a strategy title with a difference - instead of fighting for the forces of good, you take on the role of the Grim Reaper as he seeks to spread the bubonic plague in 1660's England and enhance his own grisly reputation.

The game is up on Kickstarter and has — at the time of writing — secured £21,924 of its £300,000 goal. It has 29 days left to earn the entire amount.

It's being developed by Ambient Studios, a UK-based team made up of former Media Molecule, Lionhead and Criterion staffers. Those of you in the know will be aware that Media Molecule is the company behind Sony's popular LittleBigPlanet series, while Lionhead created Fable and Criterion is famous for its Burnout franchise. That's quite a pedigree.

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Although Death Inc. is only confirmed for PC, Mac and Linux at present, a Wii U version is possible as the game is being built using the Unity development system. Nintendo Life reader phoenixology has gotten in touch with Ambient Studios and received this response from a spokesperson:

A Wii U version would be amazing!

First thoughts on this are (bearing in mind I'm at home, so I can't talk to any of the programmers right now) is that we're building in Unity. I have no idea whether the engine supports that platform nor the additional work that would be involved in getting it to work. If however, it does and the kickstarter is successful and the game is well received, then I would love to take a look into doing this. It's a great idea!

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This certainly looks like an interesting title, and just the kind of thing that could find a receptive audience on the Wii U eShop. Would you be keen to get your hands on this? Leave a comment to tell us!

Thanks to Tim Morgan for the tip.