Stand out from the crowd

Over the past 25 years or more Nintendo's liked to give consumers a lot of choices with handhelds, with colours and design variations to keep almost anyone happy. It's now emerged that the pictured light blue and pink 3DS models — not XL — will arrive in Japan on 20th March; not that Japan has a shortage of choice with the handheld.

The systems will cost 15,000 Yen and will have a 4GB SDHC card packed in, rather than the standard 2GB for the model — this no doubt reflects the eShop popularity of retail downloads such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

These models appear to have made their debut, as far as we can tell, in Taiwan and Hong Kong, though there's currently no indication they'll come West.

We certainly wouldn't rule it out, as there's always the Holiday season. So, how many of you would like one of these, bearing in mind that it's the original, smaller design rather than an XL?