One of the new games revealed during today’s Nintendo Direct was Wii U Party (tentative title), which is heading to Wii U this Summer and is being developed by the same team behind the original Wii Party.

It has been revealed that there will be a varity of gameplay styles on offer, and of course the GamePad will be taking centre-stage this time. A dice-rolling mini-game was shown in Iwata’s presentation, along with a cool looking version of baseball where two players can use opposite sides of the GamePad to compete with one another.

You will need to dust off your Wii Remotes too, of course, as one of the mini-games sees players tasked with pressing corresponding buttons on one of three Wii Remotes in time with the instructions on the GamePad screen.

Wii U Party looks set to bring all the family together later this year. Will it be on your pre-order list?