The future of THQ largely hangs in the balance as the company struggles to find the cash to stay afloat. Back in December the publisher filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy handing over its assets to investment firm Clearlake Capital, which is now looking for a prospective buyer.

It has been confirmed today that Clearlake Capital has agreed to sell off THQ’s franchises individually on a title-by-title basis, meaning several publishers could end up bidding for the rights to several different games.

All parties have now agreed that the assets will be sold at auction on 22nd January.

Several rumours have emerged since THQ filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, one of which is that Ubisoft intends to purchase its assets in a bid to become an even bigger publisher than it already is. According to Distressed Debt Investing, Electronic Arts is interested in certain titles and has completed site visits.

What are your thoughts on this news? Where would you like to see your favourite THQ franchises end up? As ever, let us know in the comments section below.

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