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Remember Bonk: Brink of Extinction? It was an update of Hudson's famous TurboGrafx-16 platformer that was supposed to come out on WiiWare in 2010, but was cancelled despite being almost finished.

Texas-based Pi Studios - the team behind the update - closed in 2011, but many of its staff moved on to form Oscar Mike Games with the intention of developing software for smartphones. Bloxus and Spell Slingers were two such titles.

We'd like to report that following of the cancellation of Bonk, the former staff at Pi Studios were able to forge a new career making games for Android and iOS, but sadly Oscar Mike Games closed in 2012.

It's such a shame that Bonk: Brink of Extinction never saw the light of day; we were super-excited about playing it, and if it had been a commercial success then perhaps Pi Studios would still be around today.

[source siliconera.com]