It's come to light that Buena Vista Games - now known as Disney Interactive Studios - was experimenting with different ideas for a Mickey Mouse game long before Disney Epic Mickey became a reality.

The proposed Mickey Mouse title - given the working title Spy Mickey - sadly never got past the concept phase, but a former artist for Buena Vista Games has released some beautiful artwork of Mickey and Donald.

Disney Mickey1 Thumb
Disney Mickey3 Thumb

It is also believed that Disney was messing around with ideas on an "action figure fighting game" along the lines of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Another project revolved around The Rocketeer, a character created by comic book artist Dave Stevens that was subsequently turned into a live-action movie by Disney in 1991.

Rocket 1
Rocket 2

While it's not known if any or all of these projects were destined to appear on the Wii, there's a good chance that Spy Mickey would have done. It's sad to see none of these ideas were brought to life, but at least we have the artwork to view. Would you have liked to have gotten your hands on these games, or did Epic Mickey hit the spot for you? Let us know by leaving a comment below.