Not for sale JUST yet...

A few outlets were reporting earlier this morning that UK catalogue store had become the first retailer in the world to begin selling the Wii U GamePad as a standalone item - which was surprising news given that there's nothing to use two GamePads for right now, unless you like really expensive bookends.

The pads were listed as being available in the standard white, or "premium" black colour, at a price of £89.99 (around $146). We made a quick phone call to the retailer which resulted in them confirming that the item was listed in error, and was removed from the site while we were on the line. However, do Very know something that the rest of the retailers don't in terms of pricing? Is the solo GamePad on its way?

The store - part of the Shop Direct Group which also owns the Littlewoods brand - has a full range of Wii U items at pretty much the same price as anywhere else, so are they on the money at £89.99? If so, analyst predictions of £100+ secondary controllers would be well and truly scotched.

If the price is right, would an £89.99 GamePad be of interest to you, or is that still way more than you'd expect to pay for a second controller? Let us know in the comments section below.