One of the first things many people will question when picking up the Wii U GamePad for the first time is the quality of the streaming. With no wired connection between the console and controller, many make the assumption that the delay must be greater than when playing on a standard television.

However, Eurogamer has conducted some latency tests and discovered that the streaming tech Nintendo is using is so robust that the screen on the GamePad is actually more responsive than some LCD televisions - TVs which are known to use technology that suffers from a certain amount of processing latency.

You can read the full investigation here - as well as view video evidence - but we couldn't resist reproducing the section of the report that matters:

The GamePad's video streaming offers excellent, low latency results with rock-solid performance. Bearing in mind that many HDTVs operate with far higher levels of lag, this is a significant achievement. Indeed, for many people, using the GamePad screen will provide a marginally more responsive experience than playing on their regular display.

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[source eurogamer.net]