As you've no doubt noticed, the Wii U has just been released in the US. New console launches are exciting times; the anticipation of fresh hardware creates a groundswell of interest, and fans clamour over magazines and websites to digest critical reaction to new software.

We're already aware from the various comments on Twitter and on the site itself that you've also noticed that our Wii U software reviews are a little light on the ground right now. Most other sites have already covered the big launch titles, so why haven't we?

Well, as you can see from our Chasing Aurora review which went live yesterday, we're working on it. While most other US media outlets received Wii U consoles and software directly from Nintendo of America before the machine officially hit store shelves, we didn't - despite being told we would. That means we didn't place a pre-order and consequently missed out on getting the console on launch day.

Thankfully, several of our North American team members were successful in securing their machines when the console launched last week, and they're currently working diligently through the key releases - so expect reviews to start popping up on the site over the next week or so.

Hopefully this post clears up any confusion surrounding Wii U reviews. We've always favoured absolute transparency here at Nintendo Life, and we'd hate for you, our valued readers, to assume we were somehow ignoring our duties. The bottom line is that we'll be turning in thorough and fair reviews of all the major Wii U launch titles, but for reasons beyond our control we're running a little behind. Stick with us, and we're certain it will be worth it.