A picture of a fact sheet has been found detailing the final three Nintendo Land attractions which have - up until now - not been revealed. The picture was taken by an ONM reader at the Play Expo in Manchester last weekend, which provides fresh information on the upcoming compilation game.

Captain Falcon's Twister Race: In this single-player attraction, you'll hold the narrow end of the Wii U GamePad upright with both hands to guide a high-speed wind-up vehicle toward the finish line.

Octopus Dance: This is a single-player, rhythm-based attraction using the Wii U GamePad. You must instantly memorise the movement of the character on screen and re-enact the poses using the Control Sticks or gyro sensor.

Yoshi's Fruit Cart: In this brain-teasing single-player attraction, you're asked to guide Yoshi's cart towards the goal while collecting all the fruit along the way. The catch is that you can see fruit on the TV but not on the GamePad, a game-play mechanic made possible only using two screens.


Nintendo Land will be bundled with the Wii U Deluxe Bundle when the console launches on November 30th.

[source officialnintendomagazine.co.uk]