If you haven't heard of Gangnam Style, maybe you're the lucky one. That might be harsh, but the quirky music video has gone so viral that there's no escape, meaning that lots of people are happily imitating it and looking rather silly.

As most will know, meanwhile, the best place to find people dressed in silly outfits with time on their hands is at a university campus, with a good spot seeming to be University of California, Berkeley. The video below is yet another imitation, rather cutely called Super Mario Style, but we must give credit for the successful flash mob that kicks in. As we've suggested, they're probably all students, which explains why they're so cheery and have had lots of opportunity to practice the well-known dance moves. Once this gets going, it's pretty good.

The proper dancers dressed as Mario, Luigi and Toad show off a bit too, though Luigi arguably wins the dance-off.

So what do you think? We suggest anyone with the intention of becoming the 50,350th person to do a Gangnam Style video think about whether it'll be better than this before going through with it.

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