Recently we were lucky enough to attend a demonstration of NetherRealm Studio's upcoming DC Comics fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, by Mortal Kombat creator himself, Ed Boon.

Boon started the presentation by stating that because he had been making Mortal Kombat games for so long, he felt it was time to try something dramatically different from the series - and fighting games in general. With Injustice: Gods Among Us, his team have given the arenas themselves just as much focus in the outcome of a match as the fighters themselves. To demonstrate this, Boon launched into a match-up between Superman and Nightwing. It became apparent that Superman was a power based character (obviously), while Nightwing utilised gadgets to get by in a fight. Nightwing was also able to switch fighting styles by connecting his two Eskrima sticks together to form a pole to fight with instead.


Boon demonstrated to us through the use of Superman and Nightwing how different characters utilise the different arenas. In a city level, a hover car was slightly in the background, just within reach of the characters. Nightwing uses the hovercar to hang from and launch himself towards Superman to perform agile attacks, while Superman simply grabs the whole hovercar and smashes it over Nightwing's head. From here, Superman punched Nightwing over to the roof of a nearby building, creating a totally new arena to fight in with new obstacles for the fighters to utilise. Boon mentioned that some of these levels can have up to three areas in total, while some other levels will only have the one. Another example of interactivity was used when the Batcave was demonstrated, where the push of a button on the Batcomputer caused the Batmobile to launch rockets at the opponent.

Super moves were also demonstrated; Superman picked Nightwing up and flew him above the stratosphere, then knocked him right back down to Earth. Nightwing's super move was calling in his motorbike to repeatedly run over Superman.


After demonstrating the style of the game, Boon talked candidly about his plans for Injustice. DC gave NetherRealm studios a surprising amount of freedom after their success with Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, and there may be plans for the game to spawn its own comic book series, depending on its success. When asked why Superman wouldn't just end a fight in one second, Boon assured us that Superman's watered-down strength will be explained in the story mode, and then jokingly asked why nobody complains that Chun Li can take a punch from the Hulk in Marvel vs Capcom. He also told us that the story would explain why all the heroes such as Batman, the Flash and Superman are all fighting each other.

While no specifics were given on the Wii U version, Boon did say that the team were experimenting with the controls and hoped to take advantage of them where they could, and reiterated that we'll hear about more specifics for the Nintendo edition in the future.