Cheap and nasty?

Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft has voiced his opinion on the Wii U Pro Controller, and it's not pretty.

Ashcraft has stated in no uncertain terms that he "hates" the pad, which bares a strong resemblance to the Xbox 360 controller.

He said:

The Wii U Controller...feels, well, cheap. There's a nice gloss coating, but in the hand, it's as though you can snap the Wii U Pro Controller in half. I don't think you can snap it (obviously), but it hardly feels like a Nintendo-made, prime controller for the Wii U. The buttons are not clicky, but mushy, and the whole affair feels, well, uninspired. It's not a premium product. They can call it the pro controller, but it feels amateurish to me.

That's fine and dandy—that is, until you realize games like Bayonetta 2 are Wii U-bound.

Ashcraft has enjoyed extensive hands-on time with the pad at the recent Tokyo Game Show, and as such is perfectly placed to pass judgment on the pad. But do you think he's being a little harsh? Has his opinion dented your faith in the Wii U Pro Controller, or will you be buying one regardless? Let us know in the comments section.