Sonic at full speed

A couple of days ago, our very own Thomas Whitehead went hands-on with a handful of third-party Wii U titles, including Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Aside from a few GamePad-specific complaints, Thomas' biggest problem with Sonic's new outing was the game's awful frame rate, which was far from buttery-smooth.

Developer Sumo Digital has heard these complaints, and has confirmed that these frame rate issues have been solved. While the game is still in development, Sumo Digital executive producer Steve Lycett posted on Sega's official forums, ensuring that the Wii U version is currently closest to the target frame rate, excluding the PC version.

If anything, the Wii U version is now the closest to the target frame rate, well discounting the PC version that is.

It seems like both public and private demos have been based off older builds as the team is focusing on getting the game ready for Wii U launch.

Are you excited for Sonic's latest racer?