La Mulana has had a torturous existence on the WiiWare service, arriving in Japan over a year ago but running into problems gaining approval in other regions. Earlier in the year publisher Nicalis pulled out of the project, seemingly due to issues between it and developer Nigoro when trying to resolve problems with DLC content and other elements, as explained to us in our interview with La-Mulana's director Takumi Naramura.

Nigoro didn't give up, however, and stated that after the collapse of the Nicalis partnership other interested publishers had been in contact. One of these was EnjoyUp Games, but a PEGI rating naming the publisher disappeared shortly after it had been spotted. After so many twists in the tale, it's pleasing the see that the title is now listed by Nintendo of America for a confirmed release on 20th September, published by EnjoyUp Games, after all.

Thankfully the publisher has a good record of publishing titles in Europe, too, so we hope that before long both regions will enjoy this long awaited title. Meanwhile, North American gamers may have a reason to sort out some Wii Shop points in a few weeks time.

Thanks to Jared for the tip.