It's time for a new Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two trailer, and this time Warren Spector and company have characters on the mind.

The video explains the reasoning behind some of the game's cast and their abilities. Good old Oswald the Lucky Rabbit has electrical powers which can be used in puzzles and to stun enemies into friendship, helicopter ears and a boomerang leg inspired by early Disney cartoons. The powers of Mickey and his co-star have been designed to complement one another. Oh, and Mickey's paintbrush is more a tool to channel his inner ability to control paint thinner rather than anything entirely magical. Apparently.

Oswald's girlfriend Ortensia is now a full-fledged character, meant to bring a strong female role to Wasteland. Meanwhile, the Mad Doctor is part of the series because he starred in the first Mickey Mouse cartoon that Spector ever really loved — and because he was terrified of him as a child. Part of the appeal of Wasteland, Spector says, is that it's a mash-up world where any character, whether they belong together or not, can stand side by side.

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is due to daub shelves on 18th November.