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We're all a bit in the dark about just what Darksiders II will be doing with Wii U GamePad. So far we only know that it'll be used for an easy access inventory — but according to the game's lead designer, there's more to come.

Speaking to our sister site Push Square this weekend, Vigil Games' Haydn Dalton implied that the Wii U version of the game would use the GamePad in more ways than we've seen so far. Dalton couldn't go into specifics, but he noted that the inventory management is only a "small part" of what is planned.

Push Square: There's a Wii U version that's coming out later; how's that progressing?

Haydn Dalton: It's going well. Obviously we see builds pretty regularly, and from what they're doing with the game, we're pretty happy with it, yeah.

PS: It's got the same feature set as the other versions, right?

HD: Oh yeah! It's the same game, but then obviously we'll be taking advantage of the unique power that the Wii U has to offer us. It's in our best interests to get the most out of that.

PS: What sort of things are you doing with the Wii U GamePad?

HD: Well, we can't go into it in any detail. People have already seen that, heard about the fact that we're going to use it from an inventory point of view. That's all we've talked about. Allowing players to access stuff on the fly rather than jumping in and out of the menu, they can actually see the choices right there on the GamePad. I mean, that's one small thing, but we're going to be using it in a lot more interesting ways as well. That's just one small part of it.

We wonder what else is in store.

Darksiders II will be riding onto Wii U later this year. You can read much more about the game in the full interview on Push Square.