Project Zero 2: Wii Edition arrived in Europe at the end of June, and despite a few flaws has been scaring gamers witless since. This isn't survival horror in the shoot-a-zombie-in-the-face Resident Evil sense, but exploring dark, creepy locales with nothing but a camera to protect you from malevolent ghosts. Played in a dark room with headphones, it's capable of giving genuine scares.

It's also a title that Nintendo of America has, so far, declined to localise. Much like Operation Rainfall's three JRPGs, this title has some fans determined to use social networks to pressurise Nintendo into releasing it on the other side of the Atlantic. Known as Fatal Frame 2: Wii Edition in North America, this campaign has been up and running for a good amount of time, and is planning a write-in/call-in from 25-27th July, depending on regions: details can be found on the campaign's Facebook page.

It's hard to know whether these campaigns play a major role in securing localisations, as NoA has appeared to judge recent releases based on the reception of titles in Europe, including titles such as Xenoblade Chronicles and the upcoming The Last Story. There's still no news on Pandora's Tower, for example, but we can safely say that fan campaigns don't harm the odds of game localisations.

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