It's often the subject of chilled-out debate amongst gamers: what if Mario had used a gun like Nintendo originally planned? What if Samus Aran had been a man? What if Kirby was made out of string? Well, not so much the last one any more. Still, it can be entertaining to think about some of our favourite games and wonder what they would have been like under different circumstances.

1up has done just that, producing a cover image for Mario vs King Kong, a mash-up of a modern Mario and the famous movie ape. Rather than platforming and solving puzzles — while occasionally hitting Kong with a barrel — modern Mario would be a bit more direct and to the point, going at the beast with some serious firepower. As this isn't a Mario concept that you'd expect on a Nintendo system, this title would appear on the PlayStation Vita, of course.

Nintendo did consider arming Mario with a gun in the old days, but instead he's become a mascot that uses his wits and some sturdy shoes for hopping on heads. Still, we'd be interested in taking a real Mario vs King Kong for a spin, on 3DS of course.