Pretty normal by Rhythm Heaven's standards

Great news, music fans — the latest edition of the musical equivalent of WarioWare, Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise is bringing the party to Europe on 6th July. It's been out in North America since February under the slightly snappier name Rhythm Heaven Fever.

Perhaps to make up for the late release, Nintendo has prepared an extra present for the European version: you'll be able to select between the English and Japanese audio tracks. Long-time Rhythm Heaven players might attest that a few of the songs in DS' Rhythm Paradise lost something in the translation to English last time, so this is a neat way to side-step any issues and let people experience the best of both worlds.

You've got plenty of time to re-read our review to see what all the excitement's about before July. You'd best perfect your rhythm — if past entries have taught us anything, you're going to need it.