WayForward has a rare knack for delivering enjoyable download games for Nintendo formats, with its DSiWare Mighty games and, of course, Shantae: Risky's Revenge helping the company make a profit on DSi downloads.

The studio's now moved onto 3DS eShop titles, with its latest title Mighty Switch Force! getting it off to a flying start. CEO John Beck recently spoke to Gamasutra about the studio's plans, and it seems 3DS downloads will play a big part in its future.

When you consider that DSiWare basically meant we could make a DS game and didn't have to find a retail publisher, you start to see why it was an obvious move for [WayForward]. When you have certain content that is available exclusively on dedicated gaming devices, it really helps to set that content apart. The eShop will be a major part of our strategy for handheld games going forward.

It's good to hear a studio of WayForward's quality committing to the eShop. While the company hasn't announced any further titles for the eShop, we'll let you know when it does.

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