Going for the head shot

Abylight's Elite Forces: Unit 77 is bringing a touch of strategy to DSiWare this week in North America and Europe.

A downloadable port of the 2009 DS retail release, Abylight has taken the opportunity to introduce new features: there's now local multiplayer for up to four players, a more accessible difficulty curve and improved AI too.

Elite Forces: Unit 77 is out in Europe and North America this Thursday, 15th December for 800 Nintendo Points.

America & Europe release date and price.
“Elite Forces: Unit 77” Developer's Cut Exclusive for the Nintendo DSiWare

December 12th 2011 - BARCELONA

Abylight is proud to announce the release of the Developer's Cut of “Elite Forces: Unit 77”, an action game exclusive for the Nintendo DSiWare™ service accessible through Nintendo DSi™ and Nintendo 3DS™ systems.

“Elite Forces: Unit 77” will be available for the American & European users December 15th 2011 priced at only 800 Nintendo DSi Points™, respectively $7.99 USD and 8€.

In Nacho García’s words, CEO of Abylight, “There are always restrictions to produce a creative work such as a videogame, normally economic. Nonetheless, this second time around with Elite Forces, we've implemented as much as we could from all the suggestions of fans and critics of the previous release. For example, we've developed the Multiplayer mode for up to 4 gamers, improved the AI of the team members that are not lead by the player while in single mode, adjusted the general difficulty to make it more accessible... and many more features that will make this release a completely new game experience.”

New and improved version exclusive for the Nintendo DSiWare service, now with Multiplayer mode. "Elite Forces: Unit 77" is an action game with basic tactical elements.
Unit 77 are four specialists with different combat skills:

  • Bill Matic, the "Hacker";
  • Kendra Chase, the sniper;
  • T. K. Richter, the explosives expert; and
  • Dag Hammer, the green beret.
    You will have to drive armored trucks and tanks, defuse mines, locate explosives and rescue hostages.
    Gather your forces into a crack squad when your enemies are threatening to overwhelm you or control a single game character based on the strategic requirements.
    Extra features:
  • 12 missions, 3 scenarios
  • A range of combat activities
  • 1-4 players
  • Improved game controls with the stylus