A trio of new downloads this week, with one long overdue game on WiiWare sitting alongside a much anticipated 3D Classic on 3DS. Let's see what's competing for your money this week.

3DS Download Software

3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure (Nintendo, €6/£5.40) — Kirby's legendary NES adventure gets the 3D Classics makeover, adding a touch of depth to what's still considered one of his best outings. We'll see whether it's polished a classic or added a black mark in our upcoming review.


Jam City Rollergirls (Frozen Codebase, 500pts) — Some ten months after its North American release, Frozen Codebase's roller derby arcade game makes it to Europe for half the price of its transatlantic cousin. It's actually pretty good, as our Jam City Rollergirls review explains.


Bugs'n'Balls (EnjoyUp Games, 200pts) --The long overdue marriage of two perfectly complimentary things, this actually isn't a bad little puzzle game, as our Bugs'n'Balls review should explain.

Will you be sucking up to Kirby tomorrow?