The headline act of this week's Nintendo Download comes from Nintendo itself, with a spot of 3DS downloadable software from the Big N. There's also some healthy stuff on WiiWare and a spot of puzzle and strategy on DSiWare. Let's meet the contestants, shall we?

3DS Download Software

Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive! (Nintendo, $6.99) — Formerly known as Picture Lives!, this is a bit of an oddity: you create a life form and send it off to explore the world. You can share your creations via QR code too, if you want to show off your oddball ideas too. We'll have a full review in the near future.


Castle Conqueror — Heroes (CIRCLE Entertainment, 500pts) — The third in the Castle Conqueror line, this has a slightly more futuristic vibe than past releases. Check back with us soon for our verdict.

Bloons TD (Digital Goldfish, 500pts) — Your second dose of Bloons on DSiWare after the mediocre Bloons, we'll see if this can improve on its predecessors.


Step Up! (GolemLabs & Zoozen, 800pts) — Nothing to do with popular street dance movie series Step Up, this is a step aerobic game designed in conjunction with the prestigious Laval University. We'll see if it's hot to trot or a toe-tal disaster soon.

Nintendo Video

The Legend of Zelda Ballad of the Goddess — Actually available since Tuesday, this theme song was performed by a full orchestra and forms part of the CD included with the initial production runs of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Anything for you this week?