The 3DS's StreetPass function is nice to have, but the 16 character limit restricts any real information being shared, with no option to enter a Friend Code either. There have been numerous website workarounds, with the latest being PassID.

Visitors can sign up for a profile displaying their Mii, Mii QR code, Friend Code and a short biography. The site then generates a web address short enough to fit in your StreetPass quote: for example.

If someone uses your link to add you as a friend on the site you'll receive a notification, prompting you to add them to your own friends list and your 3DS list if you so choose, a godsend as the console itself has no friend request notifications, of course.

There's also a group feature that lets you join up with other 3DS owners with common interests, including an official Nintendo Life group. If you're struggling to join up, find us on page 8.