Some of you may already be aware of the Twilight Princess "Master Arts" series of figurines from First 4 Figures. There have been two models up to now, the first represents Zant, the villain from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, while the second portrays Midna and Wolf Link. The third figure is now confirmed, and it's possibly the most iconic yet.

The new figurine represents Link and Epona, one of the most memorable images of the GameCube and Wii title. This is also going to be a rather hefty centrepiece, measuring at approximately 17 inches tall and 16 inches long, so enthusiasts will need to clear some room. The normal version will have 1500 pieces available at $424.99.

Like the other models in this series, there is also an 'exclusive' version, which will only have a production run of 500 units. This edition has a bronze finish and will set you back $449.99. Whether this metal Link appeals to you is a matter of taste, but it resembles a golden version of a certain power-up made famous in Super Mario 64.

Are any of you collectors, and do you plan to spend some rupees on these figurines?