Lawn mowing can be fun

Publisher Zordix AB is continuing its quirky output of DSiWare releases ― as revealed back in June with a rather informative trailer ― and fans of grass cutting are sure to be in for for a treat.

1950s Lawn Mower Kids does what it says on the tin. Set in suburban America in the '50s, the game features Tom, Nancy and Tim as they attempt to mow various gardens while avoiding flowerbeds, furniture and even ill-tempered animals. If players are to succeed, all three kids must be kept moving and their individual abilities must be utilised strategically.

Lawn Mower Kids is already available on the Apple App Store and Mac Store, with the DSiWare version set for release on 1st September in Europe. The game will cost 500 points at the DSi Shop and £4.50 / €5.00 from the Nintendo eShop. Time to get those hay fever tablets ready.