North America is revelling in a delight of digital downloads today, but let's see what European Nintendo fans can spend those funds on this week.

3DS Virtual Console

Mario's Picross (Game Boy, Nintendo, £3.60/€4) — Mario's first foray into the world of picture crosswords, this is developed by Jupiter, the team behind Picross on DS so certainly has quality going for it. Sadly the Virtual Console version will miss out on the original's Super Game Boy support, as did Donkey Kong '94 before it. We'll bring you a review in the coming days.


Successfully Learning German: Year 4 (Tivola, 500pts) — More German educational in this vorletzte release. See? It's working. Review next week.


Jewel Keepers: Easter Island (Nordcurrent, £4.50/500pts) — Following the game's outing on WiiWare, Nordcurrent brings its match-three puzzler with a story to DSiWare. Read our Jewel Keepers: Easter Island WiiWare review for a taste of what's to come from this DSiWare release while we polish off the review of the portable version.

Successfully Learning German: Year 4 (Tivola, £4.50/500pts) — German in your pocket. Most linguaphiles will know what to expect by now, but our review will fill in any gaps.

Airport Mania: Non-Stop Flights (Lemon Team, £1.80/200pts) — A cutesy airport management simulator, this is a decent way to spend 200pts, as you'll see in our Airport Mania: Non-Stop Flights review.

Videos (free)

Zelda 25th Anniversary E3 2011 Orchestral Trailer
Mario's Picross
Kirby TV Channel trailer
Kirby Mass Attack trailer
Kirby Wii trailer

So there you go Nintendo download fans, let us know what you'll be downloading this week.