How significantly will this change gaming?

With the Wii U poised to setting a new paradigm in the way a controller is related to its console, Nintendo is clearly keen on setting itself apart from its competitors once again.

In an interview conducted by French newspaper Libération, Shigeru Miyamoto explained that if a generation of consoles are indistinguishable from each other, the industry would end up with games that are alike. Noting that it is the job of hardware makers to invent "new systems of play," Miyamoto described Nintendo's vision of providing new ways to play by suggesting that new gaming machines will in turn inspire new concepts.

With the uniqueness of the Wii U, Miyamoto was asked whether software development would be more difficult or complex than usual, to which he replied:

It will not be difficult. In a way, it will be even easier because I think the machine is more responsive to the aspirations of developers, and offers more creative freedom than traditional systems available. The latest technology, graphics capabilities and new possibilities of the Wii U create an attractive and welcoming [environment] to the game-designers.

When asked whether any difficulty would manifest itself in a conceptual or technological capacity, Miyamoto elaborated on the freedom the console will offer to developers:

It is a machine that defies the imagination and creativity [of people]. But that means more fun for developers. There are many ways for the player to control the image [on-screen]. This may be confusing at first, but I think it will be easy to adopt because it [pools together] the freedom demanded by developers themselves. And it offers lots of new expression to their imagination.